Symbol The Household of God [HG] (3 volumes)

Symbol The Fly [FL]

Symbol The Moon [MO]

Symbol Saturn [SA]

Symbol The Natural Sun [NS] Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

Symbol The Spiritual Sun [SS] (2 volumes) - draft -

Symbol The Childhood of Jesus [CJ] Biographical Gospel of the Lord

Symbol Explanation of Scriptures [EXP]

Symbol Paul's Letter to Laodicea [LAO]

Symbol Correspondence with Jesus [COR] Correspondence between Abgarus and Jesus

Symbol The Earth [EA] Parable & chapter 1-12

Symbol Beyond the Threshold [BTT] Deathbed scenes

Symbol Bishop Martin [BM] Sunsets into Sunrises

Symbol From Hell to Heaven [RB] (2 volumes) Robert Blum condensed

Symbol The Healing Power of Sunlight [HPS]

Symbol Three Days in the Temple [TDT]

Symbol The Great Gospel of John [GGJ] (10 volumes)

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