Chapter 1 The Spiritual Sun, Book 1

8. If the bell should be struck, the impact is recorded by the inner fluidim, which is a very elastic and stretchy spiritual substrate, as being something disturbing its rest. Then the whole spiritual fluidim passes into a quest for freedom, expressing itself by means of a continuous reverberation. If the outer surface of the bell is coated with some other material which is not permeated by such easily excitable spiritual abilities, then the vibrations of the excitable spiritual abilities or better said – their quest for freedom, is soon subdued. Such a bell will stop being resounding. If the bell is not coated, however, the sound will keep on resounding for quite a time. If it would also be surrounded by a very sensitive substance, for instance, pure electrically charged air, the sound would be amplified and thus spreads itself far and wide in such a vibrating substance.

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