Chapter 2 Bishop Martin


1. After having stood in the same spot for some hours without anything happening, time (also in the natural sphere of the spirit world there exists something like our notion of time) seems to be dragging, and our man once more starts a monologue:

2. "How odd, now I've been standing here for half an eternity and nothing has changed. Nothing is moving - neither the moss nor a hair on my head or my robe! Whatever is going to happen?

3. Could it be possible that I am condemned to remain here forever? No, no, that just couldn't be! It would be hell! And if this were the case, the ghastly clock of hell would be visible with its terrifying pendulum calling with every swing - 'ever' and then again, 'never.' Oh, how terrible!

4. Thank God that I do not see this awful thing! Or, maybe it appears only after Doomsday. I wonder whether the sign of the Son of Man will be appearing on the horizon? How many millions of years have I been standing here, and how much longer will I have to stand waiting for Doomsday?

5. In the world nothing was pointing to the approach of Doomsday, and here in the spirit world there is even less evidence! If my faith were not so firm, I might begin to doubt the coming of Doomsday and, altogether, the truth of the whole Gospel!

6. Isn't it odd that all the old prophets seemed to be saying very much the same as the Oracle of Delphi, that is, that these prophecies can be understood one way or another, and interpreted as required. And the Holy Ghost of the Gospel must be a rare bird, for it hasn't been seen since the time of the disciples!

7. My faith is still very firm, but whether it will remains so under the present circumstances, I honestly can't say.

8. There even seems to be something wrong with the much praised Mary of my Church, as well as the saints! Otherwise, Mary would have answered my prayers. I have the feeling as if some millions of years have passed since my physical death, and there is not a trace of the Mother of God, nor of her Son or any of the saints. Fine helpers in need they are!

9. If I didn't have such a strong faith I wouldn't be still standing here in this forsaken spot; only my faith is keeping me here. But not for much longer! I would be a fool if I kept standing here for another million years. Sufficient that I've been a fool on earth, and it is time I made an end to this fruitless comedy!

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