Chapter 2 Bishop Martin

17. The thing out there seems to be moving more now; almost like a little tree in the wind. Courage, my long disused feet! Let's see whether we can still walk.

18. I have been told on earth once that a spirit has only to think and finds himself already in the place where he wanted to go. But there does seem to be something wrong with the spirituality of my person for I do have feet, hands, a head, eyes, nose, mouth - in short, everything I had on earth - even a stomach which has had a fast worthy of a cardinal. If there hadn't been plenty of moss all around me, with a lot of dew, I might already have shrunk to the size of an atom. Maybe I'll even find something better for my stomach over there?

19. So, once more, good luck! At least there'll be a change from my present state. Therefore, in God's name!"

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