Introduction The Earth

4. But there is nothing wrong with that, nor with the fact that it performed such diverse services so extremely correctly; but that all these very different operations were set into the most appropriate motion by only one and the same driving weight - that was the real miracle of this clock.

5. When a stranger came to this city, he first noticed the clock, and he asked the first person, how many mainsprings and weights this clock had. When he was told: "Only one!", he was completely dumbfounded and incredulous and said: "That is impossible! So many and so different operations and only one driving force? No, no, that's not possible, it's impossible!"

6. Again, another stranger came and looked at the clock and was amazed when it was explained to him what the clock was doing. He thought that each dial must have it's own drive, which would mean that the tower would have to be stuffed with all kinds of different clocks. When it was explained to him, however, that there was only one drive mechanism moving all the hands, he was completely upset, because he thought that they were only joking with him because of his ignorance, and he went away and did not inquire further about this movement.

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