Chapter 1 The Earth

If it is about the revelation of the center of the earth, then by it not so much the measure center, as rather the actual life or center of gravity of the earth is to be understood; because a revelation of the mere measure center of the earth would be, exactly regarded, an exceedingly significant ridiculousness, what can easily be seen, so one must assume the center of every body, thus also that of the earth, only as an ideal dot, which is already correctly defined according to your mathematical terms a something, which permits neither in length, nor in width, nor in thickness - also only the conceivably smallest possible diameter, thus is certainly in it's kind the most minute of all things, and you can certainly assume that already in an atomic creature, which not even the strongest solar microscope is able to discover, there would certainly still be room for countless billions of such points. The question therefore is: what would we have to reveal of this endlessly small being, which disappears so quite actually into the barest nothingness? One could only say: The center of the earth consists of nothing; then it would be already completely natural and spiritually revealed. The nothingness is both physically and spiritually considered synonymous: because where nothingness is, there everything naturally ends, and a nothingness is naturally and spiritually also really conceivable in nothing else, than in such a mathematical center of measure, for which reason we want to distance ourselves from this insignificant center of the earth, and want to turn to the extremely important center of gravity of the earth, which of course must be more voluminous and, with such a large body as the earth is, also of a significantly voluminous extension, in order to give the correspondingly acting impact on it's peculiar world-body life activity. – The Earth, Chapter 1, Paragraph 11

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