Chapter 1 The Earth

11. Thus, when we are dealing with the discovery of the central point of the earth, we should not conceive it as the measured central point, but rather as the actual center of life or of gravity of the earth because a discovery of the mere measured central point of the earth, considered in detail would be extremely ludicrous. This can be easily learned from the fact that, when you have to assume that the central point of any body, and therefore also that of the earth, is only a virtual little point that is correctly defined according to your mathematical concept, it is something that does not allow even the smallest conceivable diameter, either with regard to its length or width or depth. Thus it is in its own way the very tiniest of all objects, and you can surely assume that certainly innumerable more billions of such points would fit into even an atomistic little animal that you could not even discover under the strongest sun microscope. Therefore ask: What would we be able to discover in that infinitely small being that utterly disappears into sheer nothingness? One might only say: The central point of the earth consists of nothing, as has already been completely revealed, naturally and spiritually. This is because nothingness is considered to be the same, physically as well as spiritually, because where there is nothing, quite naturally, everything ceases to be. And nothingness is naturally and spiritually really not conceivable except in such a mathematical measured central point. For this reason, we now want to depart from this meaningless central point of the earth and want to turn to the extremely significant center of gravity of the earth, which, of course, has more volume and, with such a big body as the earth is, must be of a considerable voluminous dimension in order to adequately determine and effect the earth's specific vital activity.

12. I can see that, deep inside, you are already asking yourself: What does this center of gravity of the Earth look like? What does it consist of? Is it a diamond nugget or is it perhaps pure gold or iron or perhaps even a magnet? Or is it maybe even a hollow space, filled with nothing but an eternal, inextinguishable fire? And does this room perhaps serve as the locus of the reprobates and carry the respectable title "Hell" of which the fire-spitting mountains scattered here and there over the earth are, as it were, the chimneys?

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