Chapter 2 The Earth

The heart of the Earth

1. So what is the center of gravity of the earth?

2. I have already said above that it has a very similar nature as that of the human heart, or even also of another animal heart. This center of gravity is therefore also a large earth-heart in relation to the large earth-body, which is the loom or the workshop of the entire organic life of the earth just like the heart in man.

3. How big, you ask, could this heart be? You know it, that with Me in all things that proportion is according to what is necessary; therefore it is also certainly the case with the heart of the earth. As the earth is large, there must also be a relatively large heart or center of gravity in itself, so that in it's innumerable compartments, that power can be generated which is sufficiently powerful to drive out all the various life-juices of the earth into the widely extended organs, and again, when the juices perform their service, to draw them to itself for further saturation.

4. From this it follows that the heart of the earth must be quite large; however, it cannot be determined with an exact measure for the reason that this heart of the earth, depending on the necessity, is soon enlarged by a significant amount, soon reduced again by a significant amount. But so on the average at least the space for this center of gravity may be assumed to be a hundred miles in diameter; but may extend further to two hundred miles, and in contrast, diminish to fifty miles.

5. But what does this so-called heart of the earth consist of?

6. This heart of the earth is not so much a matter as, for instance, the heart of an animal or a human being, but this heart is more a substantial force, which moves in an otherwise solid organism, and through this action, expresses it's effect on the whole other organism of the earth body.

7. Somebody will think and say: If this organism is a solid and therefore brittle one, how can it expand, and how can it serve as an indestructible support for another substantial force during a lengthy time, without suffering damage in it's countless parts itself?

8. My dears, this is already taken care of; the bones of animals are also a solid organism, the juices and the blood are always driven through their many pores, and yet they endure all possible force reactions the longest. It depends only on a certain kind of solid matter, and it is then firm enough against every expression of force developed in it.

9. As, for example, the matter in the intestines of animals; how often and how powerfully is this matter used, and yet, although it is apparently only weak, it continues indestructibly for a considerable time in spite of those important expressions of force. If you further consider the much more delicate organs in the birds, in which even stones are ground and consumed, it must become still clearer to you how it depends there solely on a certain quality of the matter, according to which it is firm enough to let the forces developed in it work without damage in itself.

10. But if this more delicate matter is already so qualified by Me that it presents itself as a sufficiently firm support for the forces working in it, how much more will it be possible for Me to set up a firm organism of such qualified matter in the earth, to which the most powerful forces of the earth's interior can do little or nothing at all for millions of years.

11. If you were to build, say, how strong would the vault have to be to carry a Großglockner? You would not manage such a thing; but I, as the Master of all things, have already found the right proportion everywhere so that all the supporting points are firm and durable enough to carry the loads resting on them with the greatest ease, and so it is also the case with the organism for the working of the substantial heart of the earth.

12. In the northern regions of the earth you will have often come across a certain metal under the name of Platina. Behold, this metal is already something similar to that matter which serves as an organism of the ruling central power of the earth; however, you must not think of this metal as if it were completely the same matter of which the above-mentioned organism consists. In general, you do not have to think of the interior of the earth as being of the same material nature as that matter which the surface of the earth offers for display; for this is only an outer, impalpable skin of the earth, while the interior of it behaves like flesh and blood to the outer skin, exactly to the outer impalpable rind, and therefore I can say nothing else for you comprehensibly about the inner matter of the earth than:

13. This is a kind of flesh, blood and bones; which animalistic material of the earth body, however, is not to be regarded as completely similar and of the same nature as an animal body, but it is quite peculiar, thus only an earthly flesh, an earthy blood and earth bones.

14. To explain the matter further to you in a material respect would be a useless work, and that for the reason that in the bodily state you could not possibly ever reach there to get a convincing view according to the teaching, and therefore content yourselves regarding the quality of the matter of the interior of the earth being with what has been said so far; in the spiritual representation, all this will already become clearer to you anyway.

15. We have only one question, namely: where in the earth's body is this center of gravity actually located?

16. The significantly important answer to this question will be the subject of our next consideration.

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