Chapter 8 Explanation of Scriptures

"And He, Jesus, was, when He began, about thirty years old, as was supposed to be, a son of Joseph" (Luke 03:23, written on January 3, 1844).

1. Immediately start again with a text of your choice and we will see if there is any light in it for our cause!

2. " And He, Jesus, was, when He began, about thirty years old, as was supposed to be, a son of Joseph."

3. The text is given and an overpowering radiant light with it! Indeed, in this text you should even look at the very beginning of the thing that is fit for purpose! We want to see, however, if you are not able to see the light yourself, after a little foreshadowing.

4. He was about thirty years old when He began teaching, and He was considered the biological son of Joseph the carpenter.

5. Who is He? - This, ‘He' is the Lord Self, who was from eternity and will be eternally the same Lord!

6. But how was He about thirty years old, He who was eternal? The Eternal created Himself here for the first and last time as a human being, and as a human being He, too, had to reckon the time that came forth from Him since eternity!

7. He was nearly thirty years old. What does that want to say? Could He be as God, thirty years? Certainly not, for He was eternal; So only as a human could He do that.

8. He started his apprenticeship there. How come? As God, or human? By the example: "And they considered him the physical son of Joseph, the carpenter," is sufficiently attested that the barely thirty-year-old 'He' had begun his teaching not as God, but only as a human being; for the God in Him behaved to the scarcely thirty-year-old carpenter's son, as his inner spirit relates to every man. This must first be awakened by a corresponding external activity, which results from love, until it then appears acting as an autonomous, self-acting being.

9. This barely thirty-year-old son of the carpenter Joseph, according to the external, therefore, completely fulfilled his teaching as a man and not at all as God. The Deity appeared in Him only on occasions to the extent that He, as a human being, through His actions, made it the same in Himself; but without deeds, the Deity did not appear.

10. But how could this barely thirty-year-old man begin a teaching profession, for which a great learning is required, which requires a great deal of study and a great reading? Where did his wisdom come from?

11. "Because we know him yes; he is the son of a carpenter and has done the profession of his father often enough before our eyes! We know that he has never visited schools; nor can we easily remember that he took the book in his own time and opportunity and read it. He was a common artisan almost to the hour, and behold, he is now a teacher, and his doctrine is full of anointing and full of profound wisdom, though otherwise, everywhere else, the carpenter shines through! How long will it be since he and his brothers built a donkey stable for us?! Just look at his real carpenter (calloused) hands, and behold, he is a teacher and a prophet even without ever having tasted the prophetic school of the Essenes! How should we take that?"

12. See, this is a literal testimony given to the carpenter's son at Capernaum (Lorber: Kapharnaum)! But it is clear from this testimony that in this barely thirty-year-old carpenter, not much of the deity must have appeared; because otherwise one would have given him another testimony!

13. But from where did this very pure man take such teaching ability, since he had neither studied nor read much? - This man owed his teaching ability only to his actions!

14. His action resulted only from his everlasting love for the Divine, as well as love for his neighbor. He sacrificed every action to God and thus practiced it so that he never had his own advantage in mind, but only that of his neighbour. In addition, this person practiced daily for a period of three hours, general rest in God.

15. Thereby he always awakened the dormant Deity more and more in him in all His fullness, and made himself a tributary subject according to the measure and degree of his activity; and when, as I said, he had scarcely reached the thirtieth year, the Deity had awakened in him to the degree that, through His Spirit of Wisdom, he attained that sublime faculty to perform the well-known ministry to which he was called.

16. After this foreshadowing, I ask you if you do not yet see the extremely strong light in this text. - Yes, you already see it and see where it goes; Therefore, in the postscript, we shall only be very brief in order to give the matter a not superfluous extension!

17. But what is the meaning of the last sentence? - See, very briefly, "Go, do likewise!"

18. Do not think that the Divine Spirit is awakened by reading and studying a lot; for by doing so, one rather kills the same and carries Him as a corpse to the grave. But by being active according to the principle of life, your spirit will come to life and find in it all that you would not have found by reading a thousand books!

19. But if the Spirit is alive, you may also read, and you will then gather fruits by reading or by listening to My Word, which have a living core or ground. Without the former (previous) awakening of the spirit, however, you only reap empty pods of fruit, in which there is no living kernel; but the living core is the inner living spiritual understanding.

20. But where would that come from, if the spirit had not previously been made free and alive?! The body is an outer shell, which falls off and decomposes; the soul is the food and body of the spirit. But if you only read to enrich your external knowledge of nature, what shall come from the spirit, who is not yet living to the proper extent and (therefore not), meets every word he reads immediately with his living spiritual knowledge, and that from the outside phrased word with its living cores fulfilled, and thereby makes it alive and effective?

21. Therefore, the old principle always applies: Do not be vain hearers, but doers of the Word, and you will first gain a living consciousness of the Divine in you!

22. I think that will be clear; but as man, as has often been said, never has enough of light, let us once more walk to one of the central suns chosen by you!

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