Chapter 2 The Fly

12. If the fly is called a miracle, yes, a great miracle by Me, by virtue of its unusual development as well as its continued survival and the usefulness of all its life-bearing parts, and due to its other, as yet unknown purpose, is proclaimed by Me as wonderful, yes, an extremely wonderful being, then the walking of the fly on a polished surface can be called a miracle with more right – since this can be observed by everyone daily, should a person give this occurrence any importance at all – than the collapse of the walls of Jericho by Joshua’s trumpets.

13. The fly walking on a vertical polished surface occurs countless times every day before your eyes, while concerning the collapse of the walls of Jericho, other than being recorded in the Scriptures, there is no trace of it in the whole world. Therefore, whosoever wants to make some use of the miraculous collapse of the walls of Jericho, will have to believe strongly that it happened at all, whereas on a summer’s day he is afflicted by more than a thousand miracles of the first kind, which often calls to him annoyingly, “See here, you proud and arrogant man, how richly the Great Holy Creator has surrounded you with living miracles, from which you should learn and acknowledge within you how close to you the Lord of Life is!”

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