Chapter 23 The Great Gospel of John, Book 1

(John 3:25) Some of John's disciples had fallen into a dispute with Jews (who had come there) about purification (ie, About My baptism with water compared to John's testimony).

7. A dispute arose about the purification by John and My baptism, for John's disciples could not understand that I, too, baptised with water, since they had heard John's testimony that I would not baptise with water, but with the Holy Spirit. Many Jews, who were already My disciples, maintained that My baptism was a true baptism. For, although I baptised with water like John, My baptism was the only valid one as I did not baptise with natural water alone, but at the same time also with the water of God's Spirit, giving the baptised the obvious power to be called God's children.

(John 3:26) And they came to John and said, "Rabbi! The man who was with you on the other side of the Jordan, to whom you bore witness (that he would baptise with the Holy Spirit), here he is, baptising (with water), and crowds are flocking to him!"

8. Following these discussions, John's disciples went with the Jews to John and said, 'Listen, Rabbi! The same man who was with you on the other side of the Jordan; to whom you bore witness that he would baptise with the Holy Spirit, is now here in the vicinity and baptises also with water as you do. How are we to understand this? Is this Baptist really the One to whom you bore the great witness?'

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