Chapter 59 The Great Gospel of John, Book 1

At Sychar. The weakness of the merchant's trust in God's providence. His deep reverence for Jehovah and his charity towards the poor. God is to be loved more than feared.

1. On the way to the castle the merchant says, 'My Lord and friend, I see that through you speaks pure, devout Godly wisdom, and does so with a gentleness I have not heard from human mouth yet; but to abide by your teaching a strong trust in Jehovah is needed, which I am lacking in spite of my strong faith. I know that it is He Who created all and now guides, rules and sustains everything, yet I cannot adequately visualise as to how, as the supremely high Spirit, He could or wanted to get involved in personal affairs! Because for me He is too exaltedly holy, so that I hardly dare to enunciate His holiest name, let alone my expecting Him to offer help with my filthy money affairs through His almighty, holy hand!

2. Yet I too give to the poor who come to me, without keeping a dog to bark at the destitute so he would not approach my threshold. Only this grove, which is my favourite, I don't like seeing trodden by strangers and the poor, who often wantonly damage the grounds and new plantations, yet being hungry and thirsty, find nothing therein for stilling hunger or quenching thirst. For this reason I have set up a fig and plum plantation some twenty furlongs from here, for the use of strangers and the poor, only they must not damage the trees, wherefore I have placed several keepers there.

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