Chapter 58 The Great Gospel of John, Book 1

8. Say I: 'Leave the right economising to God the Lord and give to him whom the Lord will lead to you, and your wealth shall not diminish! Do you not have many large fields and meadows and gardens full of fruit and grapes, and your extensive stables full of oxen, cows, calves and sheep? Trading with these shall always, with God's blessing fully restore what you have distributed to the poor throughout the year; but that which you place in the banks of the rich shall not be restored from above, and you shall be troubling yourself much about whether the banks are managing your money properly. Do therefore as I have shown you earlier and you shall have a good and trouble-free life, and all the poor shall love you and blessedly serve you where possible, and the Father in Heaven shall constantly bless everything you do; and behold, this shall be better than the ever-growing bank-interest worries!'

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