Chapter 21 The Great Gospel of John, Book 1

You must not expect some judgement of the world as, for instance wars, floods or even a fire from the heavens consuming all the heathens. For behold, God did not send His only-begotten Son (divine wisdom) into the world (into this human flesh) to judge (destroy) this world, but to fully save it, that is, that also the flesh might not perish, but may rise to eternal life together with the spirit. (Under flesh in this case not so much the actual flesh of the body is to be understood, but rather the fleshly desires of the soul.) However, in order to attain to this, the material feelings of exaltation in the flesh must be eradicated by belief, namely belief in the Son of Man that He has come into the world, born from eternity out of God, so that all shall have eternal life who believe in His name and adhere to it. – The Great Gospel of John, Book 1, Chapter 21, Paragraph 4

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