Chapter 22 The Great Gospel of John, Book 1

10. I will now go into Judaea where I shall preach the Kingdom of God. You are the highest administrator over this land. Not for My own sake, but for the sake of My disciples, do let Me have a security pass as used among the Hews in accordance with the Roman law, so that they do not have any trouble with customs and tolls. Children are, of course, free, but they must be registered as such. It would actually be easy for Me to pass everywhere free and unhampered with legions, but I do not wish to cause annoyance to anyone and, therefore, submit to the law of Rome.'

11. Says Nicodemus, 'You shall have that immediately, dear Master, I shall write it out myself and bring it to you in an hour, for it is not far to my house from here.'

12. Nicodemus now hurries home and already in half an hour brings the requested security pass. When we were in possession of this pass on a piece of parchment, I blessed the uptight Nicodemus in My heart. He took his leave with tears in his eyes and asked Me once more to make use of his house on My return to Jerusalem which I also promised him. But I advised him to keep the temple clean and he promised this solemnly. Thus we parted in the morning.

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