Chapter 38 The Great Gospel of John, Book 10

On this, the captain said to Me: "Lord, I will arrange this matter for him, and he will have understood now himself what he will have to do in the future. But I think that we will not need a gentile priest anymore in the future. It will be the same if our children will be taught in reading, writing and counting by gentile or Jewish teachers, and so this rabbi can continue to teach our children in these 3 subjects. However, what concerns religion, I will take care of it myself that our old polytheism will be changed as soon as possible in a monotheism. But now I ask You, divine Master and Lord, and from now on our God, that You should show us, who were gentiles up to now, the right way that we should go in the future, for until now we are still standing in the old darkness." – The Great Gospel of John, Book 10, Chapter 38, Paragraph 8

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