Chapter 57 The Great Gospel of John, Book 2

Say the two, most endearingly: "Dearest friend and brother in the Lord, try not to know what you cannot possibly grasp right now, and on which the salvation of your soul does not depend; because that about which we spoke with the Lord would kill you, if you could understand it to the extent that we do and have to understand it. Because as many stars as you can see on a clear night, and many more that your eye can't see on account of their immense distance, all are solar worlds on a scale beyond your understanding. The one sun that you see is one of the smallest planetary suns yet it is already more than a thousand times a thousand times bigger than this earth. Now imagine a central sun of just the fourth order, around which at least ten times a hundred thousand planetary suns orbit together with their planets or light-less earths! The volume of a central sun of only the fourth order is a thousand times larger than the sum of the volumes of all the planetary suns with their earths and moons revolving around them. Tell us, friend, can you now form for yourself an idea of such a magnitude?" – The Great Gospel of John, Book 2, Chapter 57, Paragraph 4

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