Chapter 58 The Great Gospel of John, Book 2

About man’s free self-determination and his sinful self-degradation.

1. Hearing this Cyrenius is overwhelmed by the greatest awe: "Friends and servants of the Lord, only now do I realise Who the Lord is and who I am. I am absolutely nothing and He is endlessly everything. I only do not understand our human audacity which makes us speak with Him as if with our own kind."

2. Says the two angels: "He wants it to be like that, for the children have from eternity the right to speak to the Father to their heart's content. Therefore, do not ask about silly things and circumstances, for it is not your responsibility that your a man, but solely His Who created you the way you are out of Himself, not depending on anybody's counsel but His very own. And how could He have asked anyone else but Himself since before Him there was no being in the whole of infinity?

3. Therefore, if you speak with Him as if with your own kind, you do the right thing, for God has no one except Himself with whom He could speak. But His created beings that are out of Him have been given the freedom so that they can now speak with God and God with them like one man with another, and thus it is quite in order for you to speak with Him like with your own kind. For the created being is worthy of its Creator and the Creator of His created being.

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