Chapter 59 The Great Gospel of John, Book 2

About the big battle within man.

1. Says Cyrenius: "Yes, that too I understand unfortunately, for I see few successes therefrom! Where are the people and how many of them are there who are capable to just receive and then understand a doctrine? And how many even among the instructed ones who possess a will strong enough to convert a received instruction into deed? I would take a thousand well-instructed ones and would wager everything if there are found even ten among them who have the complete determination and also the necessary courage – especially among fanatically superstitious legions of peoples – to put the heard and well-understood doctrine into practice! For what would it serve them to put the doctrine of everlasting, clearest truth into practice if already the next day they would die most excruciatingly at the hands of selfish and cruel fanatics?

2. You are of a truth endlessly wise and mighty servants of the Most High, but as an experienced statesman I say: "Without some measure of coercion, this ever so truly divine life doctrine never find a worthwhile access! At the least, the over-crude fanatical superstition has to be driven out with fullest power; otherwise it would be everlasting pity to spread it just one day's distance from here.

3. We of course without a doubt believe the purest eternal truth that was amply revealed to us here, yet not quite without force; for you two and the Lord and His deeds surely are no mean coercive method, without which just over a thousand listeners and disciples would hardly have assembled on this spot. If this considerably coercive method has not transformed us to dead machines, as shown you by this my perhaps not altogether groundless rejoinder, then a just outwardly coercive means should not be too harmful on people who ought henceforth to transform themselves into children of God through this new doctrine from the heavens!"

4. Say the two angels: "To a certain extent you are right, and outwardly coercive means shall not be completely left out. But you shall at the same time gain the conviction that a purely exterior coercion is worse than an invisible interior one! Because Satan too uses exterior means to keep the evil superstition in place; if however for the purpose of spreading the doctrine from the heavens we help ourselves to Satan's despicable means and as it were follow in his footsteps, - question: what can we gain therewith for man's eternal benefit?

5. The evil superstition always found its way into the world through fire, sword and massive shedding of blood; should the purest word of God find access along these lines, could a man of any spirit acknowledge it as God's word of peace from the heavens? Would he not have to say: "God, are You not satisfied with Satan's tormenting of mankind to distraction that You, the Almighty had to come to us poor and weak mean along Satan's paths?"

6. Behold most beloved friend and brother, how inconsistent it would be of God, for the spreading of His doctrine among mankind for their eternal bliss to ever avail Himself of means that hell has at all times employed to gain entry to men in the world with its hard fruits and foods!

7. Yes, there shall once come times indeed, unfortunately, when the polluted doctrine of Christ shall be preached to the nations with fire and sword, but this shall be most harmful for men! – Do you understand that?"

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