Chapter 59 The Great Gospel of John, Book 2

Says Cyrenius: "Yes, that too I understand unfortunately, for I see few successes therefrom! Where are the people and how many of them are there who are capable to just receive and then understand a doctrine? And how many even among the instructed ones who possess a will strong enough to convert a received instruction into deed? I would take a thousand well-instructed ones and would wager everything if there are found even ten among them who have the complete determination and also the necessary courage – especially among fanatically superstitious legions of peoples – to put the heard and well-understood doctrine into practice! For what would it serve them to put the doctrine of everlasting, clearest truth into practice if already the next day they would die most excruciatingly at the hands of selfish and cruel fanatics? – The Great Gospel of John, Book 2, Chapter 59, Paragraph 1

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