Chapter 59 The Great Gospel of John, Book 2

7. Yes, there shall once come times indeed, unfortunately, when the polluted doctrine of Christ shall be preached to the nations with fire and sword, but this shall be most harmful for men! – Do you understand that?"

8. Says Cyrenius: "Unfortunately I understand that too well and I am still asking, whether the almighty heavens do not intend to prevent such purely exterior calamities, or why access for evil into the world had to be or was permitted at all."

9. Say the two: "Dearest friend and brother, if you possess any wisdom, then judge for yourself whether any "pro" can ever exist without a "contra"! Where is the man that ever became a hero without a fight? Would these have ever been fighting among mankind if there had been only pious lambs among them? Or would you be able to ever test your strength if there were no objects that were able to counter your strength? Could there be an "up" without a "down"? Or could you ever do something for someone if no one ever were in a position to need your help: Or could you ever teach an all-knowing one something that he doesn't already know?

10. Look, in a world where man is destined to develop into a true child of God out of himself, he must also be afforded all kinds of good and bad opportunities to fully practise God's teaching.

11. It has to be cold and warm to give the rich man the opportunity to clothe his poor and naked brothers. Thus there must be poor people, so that the rich may practise mercy and the poor gratitude. There also must be strong and weak people to afford the strong an opportunity to support the weak and that the latter may recognise in the humility of their heart that they are weak. Thus there have to be, as it were, foolish and wise people, otherwise the light of the wise would be futile.

12. If there were not any evil men, how could God know whether and to what degree they are actually good?"

13. In short, in this institution for men's self-development into the freest children of God there must be as many as possible pro- and contra-opportunities through which the children can thoroughly practise and completely develop in everything, or they could not possibly become true, almighty children of the Most High.

14. We tell you: As long as a person is unable in various things and circumstances to drive with his very own power, Satan from the battlefield, he is still remote from the true sonship of God. How could he ever gain a victory over this enemy unless he were given every opportunity to meet him? Yes, the true Kingdom of God costs a great struggle because of the full freedom of eternal life: and so you must be given the opportunity of a struggle between heaven and hell."

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