Chapter 1 The Great Gospel of John, Book 6

Section: The Lord and the Priests of the Temple (John 5)

The healing of a sick man at the pool of Bethesda (Gospel of John 5:1-13)

1. But on this day I moved with My disciples to the area around Jerusalem, where we took our night's rest in an inn that was well-known to Me and the disciples. The innkeeper was overjoyed to see us and told us much about the current terrible business in Jerusalem, and had a very good evening meal prepared for us.

2. But I said to him: "Just come up to the Temple tomorrow and there you will see what I will do to the pharisees! Tomorrow they shall learn exactly and without reservation who they are dealing with in Me!"

3. Our innkeeper was very happy with this and again brought us more than enough bread and wine. He already heard much about Me, but even he did not yet know who I actually am, although My disciples gave him several hints, which he accepted well. Soon afterward we headed to bed.

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