Chapter 219 The Great Gospel of John, Book 6

2. On the third day, still quite early, I observed, that something was moving in my large bedroom. Also the servants who guarded my room, noticed this. I soon asked them what it was and what was the meaning of it. However the servants were unfamiliar with it and indicated that they never before have noticed something similar. It resembled a shadow against the wall and then again like fog which rose from the floor of the room and floated back and forth, as if moved by a soft breeze. There was nothing that could have been ignited that easily, since everything was of stone, even the tables, beds and chairs. We looked at this ostensible play of nature for some time with mute resignation, and everyone waited with a certain timidity how this would end.

3. But it did not took long, when suddenly this shadow- and fog play disappeared. Thereupon a strong noise could be heard and a very youthful, but otherwise very sad looking female figure emerged; according to the strange dress she resembled an old-Egyptian woman.

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