Chapter 221 The Great Gospel of John, Book 6

13. Said the pharisee to his companions: "What should we do now? The man speaks immensely and many believe in him. We cannot say: 'It is him!', - but also not say: 'It is not him!' My opinion would be, to have another good look at the scriptures. If everything agrees with him, then we cannot otherwise, to fully believe in him; however, if there is anything which does not agree with him, we stay where we are! What do you think?"

14. Said the scribe: "This will give us a lot to do; since the scriptures are extensive and for us difficult to understand. Anyway, we will learn only very little from it! I think that we should stay longer with him and especially with his disciples and talk to them what they have seen and heard from him from the very beginning. And this will provide us with a much better proof about him than our incomprehensible books. I am now already more for believing in him than the opposite! - What are you saying to that!"

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