Chapter 221 The Great Gospel of John, Book 6

15. Said one of the early believers: "Regarding the believe, I do not have a problem anymore, but how to get rid of the temple? This is altogether another question, which is much more difficult for us to answer than any other question!"

16. Said hereupon the Roman: "If there is nothing else misleading you, then I'm of the opinion, this can be solved quite speedily. As far as I know does the temple always sends out well experienced priests into all the world to win over co-believers. If you tell your superiors that you have been requested by me, Agrikola, to do this, surely nobody will have anything against it, and one will let you go. - What do you think of that?"

17. Said the scribe: "The recommendation is acceptable and we will make an attempt. But if the high priest does not allow it, what then?"

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