Chapter 222 The Great Gospel of John, Book 6

13. What you eat or drink for the necessary strengthening of the body, will not make you either blessed nor unblessed, but only what you believe and what you do! If you believe wrong things, you really cannot do any right and truly good things; since the truth is not in you. But therefore your soul will not remain in judgement; since then all heathens would be lost, which is not at all the case! However, if you hear the truth and also understands it, but still acts according to your falseness, the truth will judge you, however not for life but for the death of your soul! For just as the light is the death of the night, also the truth is the death of the lie and falseness. When now the day of your soul has come, why do you want to go back into the night of judgement and death?!"

14. Said the scribe: "Master, I already know that you speak the truth; but you have accused us that we discarded the laws of Moses and put others in its place! And see, we do not deny it, because it is truly so; however, if you now allow all Jews to also eat the meat of the animals indicated by Moses as impure, even if specifically prepared, you also abolish with regard to this point the laws of Moses, just like you do not keep them very strictly, since you also heal the sick on a Sabbath! Since it is written: 'You should work for six days, the seventh you should celebrate and dedicate to God the Lord!' With what right are you yourself doing this?"

15. Said I: "If I am as what I have come into this world, then I do this with the very same right, as the right with which the Father, who is in Me, gave once to Moses in the desert the laws for you Jews. But I do not at all abolish any laws of Moses, however I Myself fulfill the law in all its aspects. But I only show to you your disability to understand and to assess the laws of the prophet. You ride the letter, which kills, and do not know the spirit which makes alive. I however reveal to you now the all alive making spirit; how can you then say that I abolish the laws of Moses?

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