Chapter 229 The Great Gospel of John, Book 6

God-Father, God-Son and God-Holy Spirit

1. Said Peter: "When You were baptized in the Jordan by John, heaven opened and the spirit of God floated in the figure of a fiery dove above Your head, and from the sky one could hear in a clear voice the following words: 'This is My beloved Son, who pleases Me, - You should listen to Him!' And also at another opportunity I heard the very same words, about which we would like to ask You for a closer explanation, but until now did not dared to. However, since You now want to guide us all to an even more correct recognition of God, I think that the time has come to give us an even greater light about it, of course according to Your divine pleasure.

2. Since for now Your are for us only the true Son of the most Highest, as we know it from the mouth of the mother of Your body, how the archangel Gabriel appeared to her and has spoken to her: 'Be greeted who has found mercy before God! The holy spirit will overshadow you, and you will give birth to a boy, who you should call the son of the most Highest!'

3. See, o Lord, this and still many things we know and cannot ward off the opinion, that there exist a most highest God-Father in heaven. You are His Son, and this unmistakenly, and a Third, most likely also God, equal to the Father and You, is apparently the Holy Spirit! - Are we wrong, if also we want to ascertain our faith?"

4. Said I: "To fully reveal all this to you, the hour has not yet arrived; but it will not have to wait too long. But I have told you several times already, when you were asking Me about it, that I should show you the Father: Who sees Me, also sees the Father; since I and the Father are completely one. The Father is in Me and I equally in the Father. - How could you have understood it differently?"

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