Chapter 229 The Great Gospel of John, Book 6

5. Said Peter: "We also understood it likewise, and this like the other: You are always penetrated by the full power of the Father, whenever You require it on this earth, and as such the everlasting and infinite Father is also in You. You are His most perfect likeness. However, since the Father as the infinite, everlasting and omnipresent God is also around You and especially surrounds You, You also have to be in the Father!"

6. Said I: "Good, - and what about the Holy Spirit? What are you making of him?"

7. Said Peter: "Lord, with Him we all do not know what to do, although You said that man can be forgiven all sins, however, a sin against the Holy Spirit can never be forgiven. You are apparently not the Holy Spirit, since You said that the sins against the Son can be forgiven. Now, who and what is the Holy Spirit? We saw him in the form of a fiery dove. Is he a third divine personality kept secret to mankind from Adam onwards, or is he one with the Father or one with You? He surely cannot be more holy than the Father and You? And still You say, that sins against the Holy Spirit can never ever be forgiven! He therefore must be the most holy of all heavens, however, apparently still unkown to us.

8. You see from this, that even we old disciples are still lacking a lot regarding the pure recognition of God, and we therefore have the fullest reason to be glad that You want to guide us deeper to an even more pure recognition of God.

9. Moses says very strictly: I, Johovah, am your One and Only God! You should not make and think any foreign Gods alongside Me! - But now, according to our limited perception, we have three, however, we only should believe in one God! About this, o Lord, we are all in need of a more brighter light; since none of us is entirely clear about this!"

10. Said I: "You should believe in one God only, because from eternity there were never more than one, and there will forever never be more than one!

11. However, your memory is not really your strongest asset, for asking Me such, what I have explained to you several times already at suitable opportunities, - and you are still unclear about this main issue; since I have said earlier, the complete recognition of God is life's central issue, because without it not a true, but only a confused human life is possible, which is why I have shown to you from the very beginning what and who is God, - but your memory is weak and short!"

12. Said the disciples: "Lord, then strengthen our memory!"

13. Said I: "Rather say: 'Lord, strengthen our flesh and our will!', for the strength of the memory always depends on the strength of the will. Your souls are quite willing indeed; but your flesh is weak, and thus also your memory, which only will become stronger later, once I have send the Holy Spirit to you. - However, now pay attention with the greatest concentration!"

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