Chapter 230 The Great Gospel of John, Book 6

The Trinity in God and man

1. (The Lord:) "However, what you will hear now, for the time being keep for yourselves and do not make Me known before the right time! When the right time will come, you will be informed by My spirit, which is the actual Holy Spirit.

2. The Father, I as Son and the Holy spirit are distinguishable one and the same from eternity.

3. The Father in Me is the everlasting love and as such the primordial reason and the actual primordial substance of all things, which fills the whole of eternity.

4. I as the Son am the light and wisdom, which goes forth from the fire of everlasting love. This mighty light is the everlasting most perfect self-consciousness and the brightest self-recognition of God and is the everlasting word in God, through which everything there is, has been created.

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