Chapter 231 The Great Gospel of John, Book 6

The eternal and omnipresent nature of God in Jesus. The apparitions at the baptism of the Lord

1. (The disciples:) "There now only remains one question, and we will then be quite in order!

2. See, Lord, God, alongside all His properties, is also endless and therefore also omni-present! How is this possible with You, since You are present among us as a precise delimited bodily person?

3. Said I: "See, you My old disciples, there again lurks an old memory failure on your behalf! Don't you remember when we travelled from Samaria to Galilee, that you have asked Me a similar question? And didn't I proved to you by means of a sign with the sun, how I through My will am present on the sun just like everywhere else on earth at the same time?! And now you asked Me nearly exactly the same! I also have shown you the same at Caesarea Philippi, at the innkeeper Matthias in Capernaum, when I filled the very deeply sunk hole in a moment, and in Chotinodora with the idolized lake, and you still do not understand the secret of the kingdom of God and even less so the secret of God?!

4. Is not My will, penetrated by the glowing everlasting love and its flaming light, which is the wisdom of God, the for you so incomprehensible Holy Spirit, who, from Me, forever and ever fills all infinity?! And through this My I, My 'I AM', and thus also through My being and existence I am present everywhere, just as I now in My actual being, am now directly present among you. Such I have explained to you, My old disciples and brothers, already several times, and you still have forgotten it; but now you will remember it?!

5. However I will not always stay among you with My whole primordial being, and still I will as the very Same stay among you until the very end of times of this earth, which means with all those who will act and live faithfully according to My word!

6. Because also this My human side, I will turn into My primordial divine through many sufferings and great humiliation still on this earth, if the time has come, and then ascend to My God, who is in Me, and to your God, who is now among you and teaches you such with His mouth."

7. Said some: "Lord, then it would be better, You stay forever among us like now; since where You are, o Lord, there is also the highest heaven, and forever we do not want any other!"

8. Said I: "Here not your spirit is speaking, but your flesh, in which your souls are still deeply buried!

9. Since the pure spiritual life of the soul in My kingdom is still totally foreign to you, you of course want to live here forever; however, if you would know that in one moment in My kingdom, you could experience more and indescribable greater bliss then in a thousand years with the healthiest body here on earth, you would not speak like this. You, My old disciples, I have given some foretaste, - however, since your memory is always quite short, thus also in this matter. But I'm not going to give any new proof in this matter now; because if one day My spirit will come over you, he will guide you in all wisdom anyway!"

10. Said here the still most difficult believing Thomas: "Lord, why did we saw the Holy Spirit in the form of a fiery dove, and why did we heard the voice of the Father from the open heaven?"

11. Said I: "I knew it that also you will still come with a question, and do not regard this unfavourably of you; since you belong to those who very seldom or hardly never ask about anything.

12. See, the picture of the dove represents for your limited senses firstly the great gentleness and secondly the great speed of My will, which is the actual Holy Spirit; since where I want to be with My effectuating will, even in an infinite distance, I am already present and act.

13. Regarding the voice from above out of heaven, it also was done by My spirit, completely filled by My love going forth from Me, and which is intimately connected to My will like in Me. The voice that could be heard like from heaven, should indicate and teach to you, that everything true and divine-good primarily comes from above, just like man only then becomes good in his heart, when man's heart becomes illuminated and thereby truly ennobled, if the mind is illuminated by God.

14. Once the heart is illuminated and ignited in true love, only then it becomes light and alive in man. Then also your love will speak and say to you: 'The light in me is my dear son, who pleases me, to whom you all - which means, all my wishes, desires and passions - should listen!' - Now, what are you saying to this, My disciple? Is it so or not?"

15. Said the disciple: "O, how could it be otherwise? In You, o Lord, is the highest love and wisdom! You can present everything to us in the brightest light; however, it would not be too wrong, if soon also other believers could understand this as we are?!"

16. Said I: "For those who need to understand these great secrets for the time being, I now have given this explanation of the secrets of God. The others, who by a far cry do not understand earthly and worldly matters if explained to them, how are they going to understand deep spiritual things?

17. For children require a different food than ripe men. How do you want to make him understand some deep spiritual matters, if he does not have the slightest knowledge about the earth which carries and feeds him, and even less about all the things the starry sky contains? To you however, I have taught all this, so that you can have a living concept about the greatness and the wisest order of God, and therefore you were able to also understand more easily such higher and pure spiritual matters; the others however, who are here, already have had quite some experiences in this world, and therefore also have a foundation to understand something higher, for which however their great love for Me has enabled them mostly. And as such all those capable, have been explained this high and deep secret by Me; the others should wait, until they receive it from My spirit when capable."

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