Chapter 231 The Great Gospel of John, Book 6

15. Said the disciple: "O, how could it be otherwise? In You, o Lord, is the highest love and wisdom! You can present everything to us in the brightest light; however, it would not be too wrong, if soon also other believers could understand this as we are?!"

16. Said I: "For those who need to understand these great secrets for the time being, I now have given this explanation of the secrets of God. The others, who by a far cry do not understand earthly and worldly matters if explained to them, how are they going to understand deep spiritual things?

17. For children require a different food than ripe men. How do you want to make him understand some deep spiritual matters, if he does not have the slightest knowledge about the earth which carries and feeds him, and even less about all the things the starry sky contains? To you however, I have taught all this, so that you can have a living concept about the greatness and the wisest order of God, and therefore you were able to also understand more easily such higher and pure spiritual matters; the others however, who are here, already have had quite some experiences in this world, and therefore also have a foundation to understand something higher, for which however their great love for Me has enabled them mostly. And as such all those capable, have been explained this high and deep secret by Me; the others should wait, until they receive it from My spirit when capable."

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