Chapter 232 The Great Gospel of John, Book 6

The nature of the comets

1. Lazarus also now said: "Lord, recently in Bethany, You also have explained quite a lot to me about the starry sky; I also asked You about the comets which are quite feared by the people, and the answer is, most likely because of very wise reasons, still outstanding. Would You show me the mercy to give me a little light about that?"

2. Said I: "O yes, and I will do this with a lot of pleasure! See, according to My old, which means everlasting order, no fruit is getting ripe on a tree all at once; similar, also no central sun, no planetary son and no earth like this one, is created fully completed in an instant, inhabited and covered with all kinds of fruit, but only gradually; since God really does not need to rush anything, for He has from one eternity to the next, time in abundance, - although it is not beyond the ability of God, to create a sun, or a whole earth or countless many of both kinds in an instant.

3. Such a comet is thus a slow growing sun, which forms from the light-material originating in endless space and meeting at a certain point, which then condenses more and more in the free ether and begins to transform from the original spiritual substance to matter and after for you unthinkable long time periods of time becomes a true sun, from which, when reaching its full ripeness, only then planets or earths, like this one, are born like chickens from an egg, however, initially also only as loose haze masses with only very little solid body masses. They are flung out into the wide open space by the inner, great nature forces of the sun; and once they have according to their size and specific gravity reached a sufficient distance, they start to so to speak fall back into the sun because of the great and strong attractive force of the sun.

4. Such a fall-back often lasts for thousands of earth years. During such time such a very young sun-child has become more and more dense due to light-substances accumulated from countless directions. If the comet, often after many years, comes close to the sun again from any direction, it will be seen by the people of this earth and also by the people of other earths as a star, normally with a long, light shimmering hazy tail. By virtue of a certain repellant force of the sun, it can however, never ever fall back into the sun, of which the repellant force - especially in the greater proximity of the sun - is caused by the very intense radiation of the light, and if such a comet as a still quite light body comes close to the sun, it moves away again with nearly the speed of light because it thereby got a new, violent push and disappears in the great depth of space, whereupon it on the most outer border of its distance, starts to fall back into the sun again.

5. You can have a small example on this earth when observing a large fire. The fire, the heat and the strong light drive a large amount of glowing sparks high into the air. Once they have reached a height where the upward force of the fire has no effect on them anymore, they fall back again, but as soon as they get to the proximity of the fire again, they are violently pushed away again and repeat their earlier path.

6. All this however is founded in the primordial order, and everything called nature, must submit to these laws. - Now you also know what the comets are, and can teach this to thinking people.

7. Regarding however those comets which turn into suns, they never ever get close to another planetary sun, but float for you in unmeasurable depths of space and will now and then be discovered during later times by deeply learned people with certain eye weapons. - Do you understand this?"

8. Said Lazarus: "Lord and Master from eternity, that I have understood Your words in general, is certain; but I still notice quite considerable gaps, which I find difficult to close!"

9. Said I: "And these would be?"

10. Said Lazarus: "Lord, what such a comet is, I now understand quite well; but what is the tail? What does it mean? And You also mentioned that in later times so deeply learned people will exist, who will invent certain eye weapons, with which one can discover those large comets in the great depths of Your creation. These comets then turn after aeons of earth years into new suns. What are the special circumstances about these eye weapons? Of what will they consist? How will they look like and how will they be used? See, it itches me now tremendously to learn more details about it from You, who surly knows very precisely what the people will do after ten-thousand years and endlessly beyond, and all the things they are going to invent! If it would be Your holy will, you could give me and all of us a little light!"

11. Said I: "O yes, why not?! Since the more someone possesses true and right knowledge, the easier he attains a pure recognition."

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