Chapter 241 The Great Gospel of John, Book 6

Hereupon the pharisees and scribes, because in all secrecy they were not very content with the explanation of hell, said: "Ah, regarding this we are not concerned at all and leave it to His goodness and wisdom! We have grumbled when He accepted many sinners and tax collectors, who were not really heavenly spirits, and thus He will also find a way out for the real infernal spirits! For in His wisdom there will be hidden still many things, which He will not reveal to us. What we need, He will reveal to us; however, what we do not need, we do not have to be concerned about. If a devil out of his own will is so blind and stupid and does not want to accept any light, - now, he then should stay a devil forever! If he always has the opportunity to improve himself, and he is not lacking the reason and mind to do so, as well as the will, but still does not want to accept the good and true and so to speak finds honour therein to oppose the will of God, now, the fool should keep on doing so, and God and all blessed spirits will not loose anything thereby! - This is our quite sober opinion." – The Great Gospel of John, Book 6, Chapter 241, Paragraph 1

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