Chapter 241 The Great Gospel of John, Book 6

3. Of course, if I do not know and see where a person is endangering himself because of his actions, I do not have a feeling for him and also cannot help him; however, wherever I can see, know and feel, I am not allowed to let an even still so stupid and willful person expose himself to his downfall through his own will, and a feeling soul cannot be indifferent if among a thousand people nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine are lost or not. And therefore I can only praise all those who are feeling sad when recognizing that so many are as good as lost forever, and I find it quite natural that these noble feeling people have expressed themselves in front of the Lord. Since from Him one can expect with the greatest certainty, that He also in this regard will give us the right explanation, even if given in another parable. - Lord, have I assessed this correctly or not?"

4. Said I: "My dear brother Lazarus, you have assessed this quite right! All pharisees and scribes can grumble about it, I am still the only Lord and can do what I want, and nobody can hold Me responsible and say: 'Lord, why are You doing this and that?"

5. But I want to give you a few parables about the true mercy of God, and then you can judge for yourself, what this is all about. - And thus listen to Me!"

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