Chapter 123 The Great Gospel of John, Book 3

4. "Oh, You, my holy Father in heaven! Hallowed be Your name! Let Your fatherly love come to us poor sinners full of death and night! Your single, holy will be done here on this, Your Earth, as in all Your heavens! If we have sinned against Your eternal, holy order, forgive us our madness and have patience and leniency with us, as we will also have patience and leniency with those who have sinned against us! Do not allow us to be tempted in our fleshly weakness above our strength by the world and by the devil, but deliver us through Your great mercy, love and compassion from the thousand evils through which our love for You, oh holy, great, dear Father, could be dimmed and weakened! But when we hunger and thirst, spiritually and physically, then give us, good, dear Father, according to Your holy discretion, what we need daily! Alone to You all my love, all honor and all praise eternally, eternally!

5. You see, that is how I pray, but which praying before God obviously only counts for something if beforehand the love for God in the very depths of the heart has crossed over into the light and bright flames in the prescribed way through the union of all thoughts and feelings in the divine centre of the heart; if this prelude is missing, every prayer with simple words, no matter how beautiful they are, is an abomination before God and will not be accepted and listened to.

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