Chapter 244 The Great Gospel of John, Book 6

3. If a raw, entirely beastly neglected person, driven by his beastly passions, kills a person, the killed would have the actual right, to also kill his killer; however, a third, to whom the killer has never done any harm, has actually no right at all, to take revenge at the killer on behalf of the victim. However, since such an animal person can also become dangerous for other people, he can be hunted down. If he is caught, he should be held in a good prison, give him education and endeavour to make a person out of him! If this is achieved, you have turned a devil into a person, for which you can expect more of the true life reward in you, than having the murderer killed. That would be one of the very best ways to handle a murderer.

4. Or in another case, where the murderer is a too much incarnated devil, hunt him down; and if you have caught him, ask him the reason, why he has committed such atrocities, and if he feels remorse about it! If he speaks the truth, then do, as I have explained previously; however, if he lies about the deed and does not answer you properly, despite you being convinced that he is culprit, then make sure that he in future is not a danger to society anymore, however, not by killing him, but by means of a strong prison, by blinding his eyes or by banning him to such far off area somewhere along the coast, from which place no return is possible for him.

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