Chapter 1 The Spiritual Sun, Book 2

16. But whoever carries Me in his heart, carries Me also in the preaching of the Word and in serving the poor. But as in helping the poor and in preaching the Word is no carrying power, if it does not precede from the heart, then no one can carry Me by preaching the Word and helping the poor, who do not first carry Me in the heart. So the "perhaps" is revealed to you, for you were uncertain of how, when and where you carried Me.

17. Now, however, is when the how, when and where are merged into one, and from the friend and brother has come a son. Therefore, I say no more to you: My friend, brother, and son, but alone: My beloved and loving son, follow Me now to those high places to the dwellings; we shall dwell and work together under one roof forever. Amen!

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