Chapter 15 The Household of God, Book 1

9. And he realized that this serpent which he had just consumed was he himself in his still evil part, and that only through his anger had he breathed the same upon the earth in its former nature, and that the words of the serpent were his own words from the innermost depth of his original being prior to all creation of the visible world of matter.

10. He also understood how he thereby once more absorbed the serpent into his own being or how he had again fortified himself in an evil and the there from resulting errors and saw how deeply he had now fallen into death.

11. Then, seized with great remorse, he threw himself to the ground and wept and cried aloud: "O great, exceedingly mighty, powerful and holy God! Only now do I recognize my endless guilt and weakness before You, Your justice, but also Your infinite love!

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