Chapter 3 The Household of God, Book 1

12. Behold, I will call them all (i. e., your friends and brothers) by name: H LV T S S A A S S. They shall all receive My fatherly salutation and still today, if they so desire, shall the gates of heaven be opened to them, which are the eyes of their spirit; and already today will I dwell in their hearts. Only one thing shall they do with determination, namely, cleanse their flesh in the well that contains living water. And they shall take a staff that is half black and half white, break it in half, throw the black part at the feet of the world and keep the white part as a token that they have broken with the world and its flesh forever.

13. This means that they shall in all earnest go within, recognize themselves and then present their discovered weaknesses to Me in their hearts. I shall remove the dirt from their hearts and fill them with the fire of My divine fatherly love. Thus cleansed they shall then show themselves to the priest through and in the confession. Thereupon I will come and share the joyous feast with them before the altar.

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