Chapter 13 The Household of God, Book 1

33. And behold, eternal Love spoke to Abel through the mouth of the angel, as I am now speaking through your impure one:

34. "Abel, behold the father of your body and help him. And behold his wife Eve, the mother of your body, languishing on the ground, and raise them both up so that they and all the others may be strengthened for their flight. And the good and holy Father will be pleased with you for showing love to the weak father and mother of your body as well as to all your brothers and sisters regardless of whether they are blessed or not. For your power will strengthen them and the fullness of the grace within you refresh them. Thus, lead them with the hand of filial love and the hand of brotherly loyalty with great patience and love to the place I will indicate to you by causing them all to sink down from exhaustion.

35. 'There remain and let the exhausted rest, and then concentrate your whole being upon Me that I may endow you with an abundance of power for the strengthening of your parents according to their degree of need and susceptibility, and for the revival of your brothers and sisters according to their need and susceptibility. Now do what I have commanded you, and do it out of love for them and out of obedience to Me."

36. And lo, the pious Abel was filled with merciful love, knelt down and thanked God from the bottom of his heart, melting into tears and then, strengthened from above, took the bands of his weak patents and did out of great love what the Lord had commanded.

37. When Adam saw his son help him, as well as his mother and an the others, he said, deeply moved: "O my beloved son, since you came to help me in this our great distress, receive my blessing as thanks and as a consolation for your weak father and mother!

38. "And you, who are still worthy of the holy Father's love, give thanks to the Lord on my behalf and that of all of us who have made ourselves unworthy of uttering His most holy name.

39. "So let us now flee in accordance with the will of the Lord."

40. And behold, the angel wielded the sword of justice, and they all fled quickly for days and nights, on and on, without rest.

41. Thus they arrived in the already mentioned land where the sun, scorching hot, stood directly above their heads. Nowhere all around them could any grass be seen on the ground, nor any trees or shrubs. And lo, here Adam and Eve with all the others sank completely exhausted to the ground into the hot dust and closed their eyes, compelled by the force of be numbing sleep. Thus they slept as if unconscious, ensnared in their weakness in disgrace.

42. And behold, the Lord's angel, who had hitherto visibly persecuted them, went to Abel who was standing there in the fullest freshness of the might and power from above, and said:

43. "Abel, behold, of all the sacrifices you have made to the Lord of Holiness in the purity of your heart, none was greater than this one and none as pleasing to Him. Therefore, as willed by Him, take this sword of justice from the hand of your brother from above - since we are children of one and the same holy Father - and use it according to the might of wisdom and the power of love for the benefit of your people. Revive within them the weakened power of life, cause love for the Love of the holy Father to burn anew and kindle within their hearts the flame of the righteous fear of God. I shall not leave you, but at all times stand invisibly by you, my beloved brother, and if you wish it also visibly, always prepared to serve you in the will of the Lord.

44. "Behold, the handing over of the sword signifies your complete freedom, like my own, and thus the Lord's will has become your will and has set you above all law and made the commandments your property. Now you are, like me, an immortal son of the holy Father's love in the pure kingdom of light of the free spirits.

45. "And now do to your parents and the brothers and sisters of your body according to your love and wisdom!"

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