Chapter 3 The Household of God, Book 1

5. You ask Me again how this could be possible. Oh yes, I tell you, it is quite possible. Behold, all My creatures are held by My might but My children by My love. - My might commands, and it is obeyed, whereas My love only desires and gently bids the free children, but the free children refuse to listen and do not want to face their Father. Because they are free, as I am, I cannot help them if it is against their will. My might surpasses everything, but My will is subject to My children. But let everyone note this: I am your Father and am also your God and beside Me there is none other. Do you want Me as a Father or as a God? Your actions shall give Me the final answer.

6. Take note of this: Love dwells only in the Father and is called the Son. Whoever scorns this love shall be subject to the mighty Deity, losing his freedom forever and death shall be his share, for the Deity dwells in hell, too, but the Father dwells only in heaven. God judges everything according to His might, but grace and life eternal are only in the Father and are called the Son. The Deity destroys everything; but the Son, or the love within Me, has life, gives life and animates.

7. All this the good host and the thrifty Father is telling all His children that they may change their ways in order to receive the inheritance I have faithfully prepared and kept for them from eternity.

8. Tell your friends and brothers lovingly that I, their most loving Father, have already stretched out both My arms to press them all to My heart forever and ever. They shall on no account turn again away from Me, but shall keep gazing at My countenance, and My eyes will tell them and clearly proclaim how much I love them and how sincere My intentions towards them are.

9. Tell them: I have put their sins out of My sight and have washed them white as snow and there is no longer any obstacle. No longer will I be an invisible father to them. They shall always see Me and be happy and joyful. All their worries they shall transfer to Me.

10. Oh, how gladly I shall take care of them! What are all the joys and beatitudes of My heavens for Me, the Father, compared with the bliss to be loved by My dear children as their only true Father!

11. Behold, I give you all the beatitudes for this one bliss, which I have reserved for Myself. And therefore My children shall call no one but Me their Father, which I am and to which I am fully entitled, and no one may take this right from Me as I am the only one and there is none other besides Me.

12. Behold, I will call them all (i. e., your friends and brothers) by name: H LV T S S A A S S. They shall all receive My fatherly salutation and still today, if they so desire, shall the gates of heaven be opened to them, which are the eyes of their spirit; and already today will I dwell in their hearts. Only one thing shall they do with determination, namely, cleanse their flesh in the well that contains living water. And they shall take a staff that is half black and half white, break it in half, throw the black part at the feet of the world and keep the white part as a token that they have broken with the world and its flesh forever.

13. This means that they shall in all earnest go within, recognize themselves and then present their discovered weaknesses to Me in their hearts. I shall remove the dirt from their hearts and fill them with the fire of My divine fatherly love. Thus cleansed they shall then show themselves to the priest through and in the confession. Thereupon I will come and share the joyous feast with them before the altar.

14. Tell them also that they must on no account take offence at anything in or about the church, for I purify every food I recommend for the one who wishes to partake of it in spirit and in truth and so he can enjoy it without fear. What I give to My children is clean and is not desecrated through the outer form for those for whom I have blessed it. I shall bless the temple, and the place where they are shall be hallowed. For I, their holy Father, shall be in their midst wherever they go, and not a hair on their head shall be hurt.

15. Tell them in no uncertain terms: My love is waiting for them, and I will not close My arms before all of them are resting in My embrace, where they will behold their most loving, holy Father face to face, and their joy will never end. Amen!

16. Tell all those who seek Me that I am always at home and never go out and that I do not have fixed hours or times when a person may come to Me as with the kings on earth and the great ones of the world. Thus, a loving heart is welcome to Me not only on a Sabbath or Holy Day, but every minute, and even at night I have not ever barred the door to anyone. So whenever you will knock, I shall say "Enter!"

17. You must and can tell openly whether I have ever compelled you in any war or whether it was at all times left to your free will to come to Me with a question you wanted to ask and if I have ever failed to answer your question. When you asked Me from hell, I gave you an answer, and when you were on earth, I spoke to you, and I spoke to you in the heavens. My ear is open to you day and night. What you are writing here, you write at your own time and leisure, and I am always satisfied with how long and how much you wish to write. Therefore, tell them faithfully that it does not matter to Me, but whenever someone comes to Me, he is heard and accepted.

18. Tell the children that they must not mock Me, but that they shall take this seriously. Tell them that I am never facetious nor do I appreciate a joke. I take everything seriously concerning the great and the small, the young and the old, male and female. I do not make exceptions.

19. For behold, I instantly and forever destroy My creatures that are useless. But for My children I have plenty of punishments, and I shall discipline the disobedient to the last drop of their blood, when they will surely recognize that I am at least the master of the house if they do not want to accept Me as the loving, holy Father.

20. Woe betides those who misunderstand and misinterpret My fatherly chastisement! I repeat: Woe betides them! They will be rejected by the Father and will have to deal with their forever-inexorable God. These things I am telling you, an inefficient, lazy servant. Amen. I, Jehovah. Amen.

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