Chapter 7 The Household of God, Book 1

3. Thereupon the dense clouds parted and settled upon the stillness of the poles. The girdle of the earth became freed, and the sun beheld itself in the waters, and the earth gratefully reflected the received light into the vast bosom of the sun and with wide-open eyes watched the moon bathing in the rays flowing from the sun of the grace of eternal Love.

4. And behold and listen to this: The earth felt content, for she was filled with the love of mercy and saw her darling, the moon, revolve briskly around her. And love swelled her wide bosom with the breath of mercy as if she wanted once more to after the child her breast filled with the milk of grace. But the milk coagulated through the warmth of merciful love and became firm land towering above the seas. And the seas sank back into the depths and were like the water that separates from the coagulated milk, to appease the indwelling wrath through the salt of grace by the mercy of love out of God in all the power and might.

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