Chapter 7 The Household of God, Book 1

4. And behold and listen to this: The earth felt content, for she was filled with the love of mercy and saw her darling, the moon, revolve briskly around her. And love swelled her wide bosom with the breath of mercy as if she wanted once more to after the child her breast filled with the milk of grace. But the milk coagulated through the warmth of merciful love and became firm land towering above the seas. And the seas sank back into the depths and were like the water that separates from the coagulated milk, to appease the indwelling wrath through the salt of grace by the mercy of love out of God in all the power and might.

5. And lo, it became calm on earth and in all the spaces of God's infinity, and for the first time eternal Love fully descended to the earth and in its almightiness and power breathed over the surface of the earth.

6. And behold, a variety of herbs, plants, bushes and trees sprouted from the firm parts of the earth, and the seas, lakes, streams, rivers, brooks and springs teemed with all kinds of worms, fish, and animals. And the air was filled with birds of all kinds. And the number of all the various species in the waters, on the land and in the air was like the number of man who was made from this number and was like the number of the grace of Love and was like the number of the future salvation and the rebirth resulting from it.

7. And behold and comprehend what until now no one has beheld and comprehended: Eternal Love took that number out of Itself, and the number was the order and the eternal law within It, out of which and within which eternal Love has forever existed, is still existing and will be existing in all the might and power of the holiness of God. And It took clay, which is like the cream of the coagulated milk, and with the hand of Its might and the hand of Its power, according to the number of Its order, formed the first man and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. And the breath became a living soul within him, and the soul fully pervaded the man who was made in accordance with the number of the order from which all the spirits had been made and the worlds in the spaces of infinity, the earth and everything on it, and the moon and the sun.

8. And lo, this first man on earth, who came forth from the hands of the might and power of eternal Love, was called by the mouth of merciful grace 'Adam', or 'Son of Mercy and Grace'.

9. Now take good note of this: This Adam was in the place of the first of the fallen spirits. It was not shown to him who he was, and since he did not recognize himself and could not find anything that was like him, he became bored.

10. And behold, imperceptible to the still blind eyes of his soul, eternal Love breathed on him and for the first time he fell asleep within the sweetness of merciful Love, whereupon merciful Love formed in the heart of Adam, as though in a pleasant dream, a figure, similar to him, of great charm and beauty.

11. And eternal Love saw what great joy Adam experienced through the inner contemplation of his second self. Then merciful Love touched him on the side where he had been given a heart, similar to the heart of the Deity, for the reception of love and life from the love in God. Thereby It took away his self-love in order to prepare a dwelling-place for Itself through the future law of merciful grace and set the self-love, which gave Adam so much pleasure, outside of him in a material body and called it "Caiva" or, as you are used to say, 'Eve'. This was in preparation of the deliverance from self-love and the there from resulting rebirth.

12. And behold, merciful Love touched him and awakened him for the contemplation of his self-love outside of him and saw that he had great delight in the contemplation of his love outside of him and was extremely cheerful. And this love, which was now called 'Eve', had pleasure in the man Adam, bent towards him and followed his every movement.

13. And behold, eternal Love addressed Adam for the first time: "Adam!" -And he spoke for the first time: "Here I am, Lord of Glory, Might and Power!"

14. And eternal Love spoke again: "Behold your helpmate!" -And 'Eve' answered: "Behold, O Lord, the maid lying obediently at the feet of Your son and awaiting his orders!"

15. And behold, merciful Love found great pleasure in the works of Its might and power through the grace of Its mercy and continued to speak and instruct them in all things, teaching them to know, to name and how to use them. And when they understood and knew all things and were able to use them, merciful Love again spoke to them: "Now you have learnt of all things, you know them and are able to use them, except for one thing, and this I will now teach you and put into you the power to procreate and reproduce your kind. But you are not allowed to use it before My return when I find you clothed with the garment of obedience, humility, faithfulness and chastity. However, woe upon you if I find you naked; I shall cast you out, and the consequence will be death!"

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