Chapter 9 The Household of God, Book 1


1. And behold, eternal Love through the might and power of Its mercy withdrew the hand of might and the hand of power from Its eyes of an enlightening grace, and the light of grace substantially penetrated the cave where Adam was weeping and behind the thorn-bush where Eve was grieving.

2. And Adam's tears were preserved in the bosom of the earth and were - and are - called "Thummim" or stones, out of which symbolically reflects the light of the seven spirits of God. And they became solid through the light of grace from the warmth of Love, like his honest repentance, as a permanent monument to the enlightening wisdom. And they were scattered over the entire earth as comforting signs for the future rebirth which is to be like the tears of Adam, capable of the reception and most beautiful reflection of the great light from the mercy of eternal Love's sea of grace, and they shall resist the hardest possible temptations of the world.

3. And the tears of the grieving Eve behind the thorn-bush were preserved in the earth and were colored like her justified blush of shame for misusing the hallowed love of Adam within her.

4. And eternal Love saw that each of these tears of Eve was righteous before Adam, the son of merciful Love. And the warmth of eternal Love hardened these tears to little stones, and their name was "Urim", as a symbolical sign of Eve's just tears. And lo, a tear dropped on the thorn-bush that sheltered her, and this was a tear of lost innocence. It colored the otherwise white flower of the bush, and its flowers became reddened as a sign of the lost innocence of Eve. And though people know by now already all the plants on earth, they are not aware of their true meaning in spirit and in truth and they will not know and understand this until they have attained to their rebirth, which is the mercy of eternal Love through the grace of salvation within them.

5. And now behold a further secret, which still has to be understood because of the wicked arrogance of the children of the world. And lo, two flowers of the bush were fructified by Eve's just tear for her innocence and they faithfully preserved this blessing of eternal Love through all the storms of the times during the great wars of Jehovah with the nations of the earth and made fertile the wife of Abraham at the time of the release of grace from above, foreshadowing the great work of merciful Love; and made fertile the wife of Zechariah towards the actual completion of the greatest of all acts of the eternal God's merciful Love.

6. And now turn your eyes back again to Adam and Eve, visit them with Me and see how I, eternal Love, found them naked, forlorn, weeping and grieving in just repentance and shame. And I called Adam out and drew forth Eve.

7. And behold, they dared not look at their Father, for they were frightened by a great thunder of the deadly judgment from the depth of the Deity's wrath.

8. The flames of the anger of God, the Infinite, rolled frighteningly through all the endless spaces down to earth where the great Love was now abiding with Its repentant and grieving fallen children, created by Its merciful grace.

9. And behold, there was a fierce struggle between merciful Love, that showed again compassion for the repentant and grieving created beings, and the angry Deity wishing to destroy everything for the atonement of Its incorruptible holiness.

10. For the flames of anger of the wrathful Deity rushed down to earth faster than flashes of lightning, penetrated its center and ignited it in all directions. And the consuming flames shot up to the moon, to the sun and even enveloped the stars. And lo, the whole of endless infinity became a sea of fire and terrible thunder rolled through all the endless spaces. The earth groaned, the sea roared, the moon wept, the sun lamented, and all the stars cried louder than all the thunder in their extreme fear of eternal destruction, and their tremendous voices resounded from the endless depths of the wrath of the Deity, and exclaimed:

11. "Great sublime God, soothe Your extreme wrath and extinguish the destructive flames of Your most righteous anger and in Your holiness spare the innocent. For the fire of Your wrath will destroy the righteous and will destroy eternal Love within You and take You Yourself captive in the immense might and power of Your holiness."

12. And see and hear with open eyes and ears what the angry Deity spake. However, no one understood the words except eternal Love which, during the outbreak of the wrath of the Deity, protected the repentant, newly created couple on the groaning earth and prevented, thanks to the great might and power of Its grace, the angry flame of wrath from seizing Adam's place of repentance and Eve's place of grief.

13. Now hear and understand well the dreadful words of anger from the depths of the wrath of the Deity, which were as follows:

14. "What good is to Me the groaning and raving of the earth, the weeping of the moons, the lamenting of the suns and the wailing of the stars! For I am alone, forsaken by My Love, which has become faithless to Me and gone down to the earth to the twofold evil scum. What shall I do without It? Therefore, I shall destroy Its entire works from the foot and annihilate everything and leave nothing that in all the future Eternities of eternities might draw My Love away from Me. And I shall remain the only God forevermore as I was from the Eternity of eternities. And you, rotten structure created by My Love which became weak, tumble down into nothingness that I may find My Love again and strengthen It once more through the might and power of My eternal holiness!"

15. And behold, thereupon the bonds of the creations in all the spaces of God's infinity loosed, and with a great thunder, with roaring, howling, raging and rushing the ruins tumbled through the vast spaces towards the Depth of depths of their destruction, and this was the very earth which also was lying in ruins in the wide bosom of merciful Love.

16. The newly created trembled in fear at the terrible sight of this vast, horrifying scene of destruction, the magnitude of which no created spirit will ever be capable of conceiving in its fullness; for it was boundless.

17. And now behold and hear further what merciful Love then spoke and did. Perceive the words of Love in Its might and behold the great acts of mercy in their power, and hear and understand well the words spoken:

18. "Great almighty God in all Your might, power and holiness! Withdraw Your great wrath and extinguish the fire of Your all-destroying anger and hear in the stillness of Your holiness the words of Your eternal Love, which is the only life within You. It is eternal as You are and mighty and powerful as You out of It and It out of You. Do not destroy the life within It, and Yourself through It, but show mercy and let Love give You satisfaction and demand atonement for Your injured and offended holiness. No sacrifice shall be too great for Your Love, which You might demand from It for the eternal atonement of Your holiness!"

19. And now behold, hear and understand well what happened thereupon and what the Deity answered. The fire became subdued, and from all the spaces blew a gentler breeze, still mixed with the roaring thunder of the flying debris from the dissolved worlds which, still burning, flashed like immense flashes of lightning from one boundlessness to the other. And Love understood the thunder of God Who spoke with vehemence:

20. "I will place all the guilt upon You, like the debris of the worlds are cast upon the earth. You shall extirpate the offense caused to My holiness, which is the perpetual bond between Me and You. Behold, I curse the earth that no stain may defile My holiness and I might become an unholy God like You. And this curse shall be with Your guilt, which You have to bear and to extirpate for the sake of My holiness, washing the earth with Your blood from the curse of the disgrace through Adam's sin."

21. And behold, hear and understand well what Love replied to this, speaking as follows: "O great and most holy God of all might and power! It shall be clone according to Your will!"

22. And lo, the fire suddenly died down on earth and in all the spaces of creation. The ruins of the destroyed suns, earths and moons were put together again through the might and power of Love that had been granted Its wish by the Deity, and they arranged themselves once more in the order in which they had been from the beginning of their existence. Yet they retained, as eternal evidence, the indelible traces of their former total destruction, like the stigmata of eternal Love, which later, in the great Time of times, bled on the cross for all creation.

23. Here and there also debris from other worlds remained lying on the surface, in the depths and in the seas of the earth for a sign of God's might and power and at the same time as eloquent witnesses of the immensely great acts of merciful Love.

24. And behold, hear and understand well what then happened. When eternal Love accepted the demands and thereby already in advance gave satisfaction to the great holiness of God, the Deity, with gentler rustling and blowing, again understood by Love alone, made known Its will and spoke softly as follows:

25. "Behold, Your great mercy has arisen within Me and come before My all-seeing eyes, and in the stillness of My holiness have I recognized Your great sincerity and eternal faithfulness. I have counted Adam's tears of repentance and Eve's tears of grief and have become filled with compassion through Your great mercy.

26. "And behold, I shall now withdraw My judgments and, as requested by you, let an abundance of mercy pour forth and repair the damage My judgments have caused. No one, except I alone, can do that, for no one is good but I, the holy Father, and this shall be My name forever. And You, My Love, are My Son, and the holiness, and the mightily all-effective bond of power between Us and all that has gone forth from Us, shall be the Holy Spirit and shall fill all the spaces of infinity forever and ever. Amen. This says the good and holy Father. Amen.

27. "And now, My beloved Son, tell also the penitent and grieving couple -engraving it deeply into their hearts -that they shall faithfully keep the commandments of love and mercy to the end of their days, and at a time I have decreed I will send them a mediator between Me and them to redeem the great guilt and lighten the great and heavy burden of their disobedience.

28. "Until then they shall abide in all patience and meekness, and the bread I will give them sparingly they shall eat gratefully by the sweat of their brow. And they shall never have enough, until the time of the mediator whom I will awaken from their midst and who will be perfect and good, as We are perfect and good and holy forever.

29. "And tell them also that I have withdrawn My judgments only for those who will conscientiously keep My strict commandments. But the trespassers are at the slightest transgression threatened with them forever in all the severity of the forever-holy truth.

30. "This speaks the holy and only good Father through His Son, who is the eternal Love within Him, and through the Holy Spirit, as the active grace out of Us both, for the future forgiveness of the sin, which shall now make their bodies troublesome and keep killing them temporally for the attainment of life after the death of the body, subsequent to the time of the promised mediator.

31. "This says the only holy and only good Father. Amen, amen, amen.

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