Chapter 2 The Healing Power of Sunlight


1. Take a cup made of dark violet glass with a 3 to 4 zoll (± 4.50 to 6 cm) diameter, about 1 zoll (1 zoll = 1.5 cm) high, and with a very smooth rim. Have a lid made for this cup to cover it hermetically (air tight).

2. Once you have acquired such a vessel which is best fit for this, then take the little milk sugar globules(1402) that you know and scatter them on the bottom of the cup in such a way that they are not covered by other globules. Then expose the cup with the globules to the rays of the sun for a longer time and the globules will absorb the sunrays and all its specific spirits. If then a sick person, after having adhered to the proper diet, is given 1, 2 or at the most 3 of such globules, preferably before sunrise, he will greatly improve, beginning with the 3rd, but no later than the 4th day. For the soul will take from it what it lacks and thus strengthened, it will discard what it cannot use and thereupon it will easily attain the proper life-current for its body.

3. In summer when the sun is most effective, it is sufficient if the above-mentioned little milk sugar globules are exposed to the sun for 1 month. However, they may not be exposed to the sun all the time while it is visible in the firmament, but only for as long as the sun is still standing at an angle of 45 degrees. Below that, because of the low angle of the rays, their light and impact is too weak and has little or no effect at all upon the globules. Therefore, they must be carefully covered with the described lid and kept in a cool dry place until the next day.

4. To store these sunlight impregnated globules you must get little bottles made from dark-violet glass, made airtight with a clean stopper from the same glass, only then can they be well sealed by means of a bladder (plastic today). They must be kept in a cool and dry place.

5. In spring or autumn the exposure of the globules to the rays of the sun would take about 3 months. All further manipulation remains the same. In winter it is impossible to prepare this remedy since the angle of the sunrays is too great and makes them ineffective.

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