Chapter 1 The Natural Sun

12. But this is by no means the case, because the physical people of this perfect planet have a much greater willpower than the vegetative force of the solar soil. Wherefore no tree, bush, plant or blade of grass grows upon the sun without the participation of the human will. Human will therefore, is the only endlessly manifold, diverse seed for all vegetation upon this perfect planet. Hence a tree or plant of any shape only grows upon the sun's ground where sun-man wants it. Wherefore there is no permanent and uniform species in the plant-kingdom upon this perfect planet, it is always responding to the prevailing spontaneous will of a person. Once a human has called forth a tree or plant from the ground however, only that person can also exterminate it, or if someone else received empowerment from the producer.

13. Wherefore, there is a truly limitless diversity in the plant kingdom upon the solar earth; for no two similar plants can be found between two adjacent neighbours, because each entices up different plants from the ground they occupy. And were one of you to journey through the extensive solar areas for many thousands of years, he would indeed constantly come upon new and wondrous species and forms; but he shall not find two plants that completely resemble each other. Behold, from this example alone you can already appreciate why the sun is a perfect planet. The same thing occurs on each heavenly or smaller planet too, but imperfectly.

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