Chapter 3 The Natural Sun

The paths of solar man's development, either against or in accordance with God's will

1. What happens to those however, who do not heed the order of My will? These abandon their bodies moving to another solar globe, which is the first interior sun where they are once again taken up into suitably prepared bodies but still fully conscious of their former being, in order to realise for a certainty that it is a consequence of having acted contrary to the living order of My will. They, by the way, have their complete, mighty freedom of will here also and can act as before. Should they again step outside My order here they are moved to a more interior globe still and eventually through continuing to trespass against My order are moved to the innermost sun itself, which also is the most material and firm one.

2. Those submitting to the order then ascent to higher perfection. Alternatively, they are placed into more rigid captivity and, as part of the sun's bulk, expelled into the wide planetary and cometary spaces.

3. Here you need only to hark back to the volume "The Fly" where you shall see what takes place over time, with these expelled spiritual potencies. Sometimes, it can indeed be the case that these as yet un-solidified spiritual entities, on their initial planetary launching, turn to the divine order again on account of residual consciousness and are received back by the sun for their ongoing development. Conversely however, they are commanded to an extended period of irregular cometary migration, whereupon they are taken into even stricter custody, to be eventually forced into the judged order of a planet or even a moon.

4. The above mentioned explanation will suffice, for from it transpires what type of spiritual children you yourselves are and that you are in fact, as it were, children of solar men.

5. But how, on the other hand, you can also be their parents, shall not be hard to guess. I say unto you that you can be so in a twofold way; in one sense when your children sometimes die prematurely, this is a case where such spirits, if obedient and of a better character return sooner, as you have heard earlier, that some groups of spirits expelled from the sun, if they become submissive in the form of a developing comet, are received back by the sun, without going through a difficult, complete planetary standard test.

6. In this case you are firstly already parents of these children returning to the sun prematurely. In another, much more perfect sense however, you can be parents of the entire solar population in aggregate, namely if, with Paul, you can say: "not I but Christ (now) dwelleth in me!"

7. Behold, now this apparent contradiction shall become clear to you and from that you shall be able to discern even more clearly what is meant by: "Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name ... Thy will be done!" Because wherever the Father's will is heeded or even where just the inclination towards such will predominates, no full planetary material maturity is needed in order to return to the kingdom of true life: or, to be able to say in spirit: "Thy kingdom come".

8. If you ponder the aforesaid a little, you shall not think it inexpedient that many flowers and unripe fruits drop off the trees. If you want to know why and whereto, just look into the sun. It shall at once tell you that a planet does not always have to ripen physically in order to spiritually return to whence it came. We shall examine other types of relationships upon our perfect planet - sun, next time.

9. The question can be put here: what happens to those solar spirits who always remained within and acted in accordance with My will? And are there many such perfect spirits in the sun who do not have to undergo further downgrading in order to then painstakingly ascend to perfection again?

10. The numerous spirits, who are already perfected in the sun, do not tarry in the sun after their perfection but ascend to a higher central sun from which they had once gone forth together with their sun. There they gain firmness in their humility and ascend to a still deeper arch-primordial central sun, which exceeds the former one unspeakably in size, light and magnificence.

11. When these spirits, ever so translucent, arrive at this second central sun, they feel themselves to be no more than totally dark and lightless. Hence they are once again initiated stage by stage, making them capable of ascending to a still deeper and all but endlessly large central sun. This sun also is the final material pre-school for heaven as such, which is the primordial fatherland of all perfect spirits. But in this last and very largest central sun of a shell-globe, there are many gradations which the spirits with etheric bodies have to go through before being ready to be taken up by the spiritual-sun-world, called heaven. This in outline is the Way for the spirits perfected in the sun.

12. Were someone to ask: why such a drawn-out path, then the answer is: such spirits had descended in stages within the last-mentioned innermost and very greatest central sun, taking up evermore of the material on every such solar step. For this reason they have to make their way back in order to cast off the last material atom, until capable, in perfection, to go over to the purest, true, celestial-solar-world, for all eternities of eternities.

13. Now we also know this. But I see another hidden question in you which says: do the spirits of planetary men also have to go this very enlightening but also very extended path in order to get to actual heaven?

14. If a general answer is sought, neither a yes nor a no will answer this question, because this depends on three factors: children and such people as need further purification after casting off their bodies on Earth have to take this path indeed; likewise those, mostly learned men of the world, in whom there is much conceit and selfish pride, have to take this path and a more complicated one; they have to take this path and sometimes an even far more complex one, several times, starting from this Earth, in that they have to undergo a purifying pre-school in the various other planets before getting to the sun.

15. The difference between prematurely deceased children, who are immediately taken up by the sun and the people mentioned after them, who are taken up into the sun-school at a later stage, is that the spirits of the children brought up in the sun are taken up into one or other association of angels in the true, actual heaven, whilst the more mature upon the planets have to go through the entire prescribed path.

16. Those people on Earth however, who had already cast out everything worldly and material through their pure love for Me, deserve nothing other than Me and have exceedingly shortened their path therewith: for these are truly My children and truly My brothers and sisters and they come into Me fully after joyfully discarding their material body, and so namely, those who completely love Me, come immediately to the pinnacle of the highest heaven, where I Myself dwell.

17. Behold this is the difference with the spirits, especially of this Earth planet, as a consequence of discarding the flesh. Something similar but much rarer, can also happen to the inhabitants of Jupiter and still more rarely with the inhabitants of the planets Saturn, Uranus and the third, still undiscovered planet. But none of the spirits of the inhabitants of the latter planets immediately get to the highest heaven, but only to the first, the wisdom heaven.

18. Now that these paths have been disclosed to you and we are familiar with the sun's exterior aspect, we can move to the inner solar system and to beholding its glories, where you shall behold things of which you previously never had the feeblest suspicion. But to prevent interrupting our inspection, we shall leave these observations till next time and so we will end for today.

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