Chapter 3 The Natural Sun

The paths of solar man's development, either against or in accordance with God's will

1. What happens to those however, who do not heed the order of My will? These abandon their bodies moving to another solar globe, which is the first interior sun where they are once again taken up into suitably prepared bodies but still fully conscious of their former being, in order to realise for a certainty that it is a consequence of having acted contrary to the living order of My will. They, by the way, have their complete, mighty freedom of will here also and can act as before. Should they again step outside My order here they are moved to a more interior globe still and eventually through continuing to trespass against My order are moved to the innermost sun itself, which also is the most material and firm one.

2. Those submitting to the order then ascent to higher perfection. Alternatively, they are placed into more rigid captivity and, as part of the sun's bulk, expelled into the wide planetary and cometary spaces.

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