Chapter 3 The Natural Sun

16. Those people on Earth however, who had already cast out everything worldly and material through their pure love for Me, deserve nothing other than Me and have exceedingly shortened their path therewith: for these are truly My children and truly My brothers and sisters and they come into Me fully after joyfully discarding their material body, and so namely, those who completely love Me, come immediately to the pinnacle of the highest heaven, where I Myself dwell.

17. Behold this is the difference with the spirits, especially of this Earth planet, as a consequence of discarding the flesh. Something similar but much rarer, can also happen to the inhabitants of Jupiter and still more rarely with the inhabitants of the planets Saturn, Uranus and the third, still undiscovered planet. But none of the spirits of the inhabitants of the latter planets immediately get to the highest heaven, but only to the first, the wisdom heaven.

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