Chapter 2 The Natural Sun

Solar man in general

1. Therewith we know the sun to be a perfect planet; whence we do not intend to restrict ourselves any further with comparisons, but as you are wont to say, move luggage and all to inspect it from pole to pole, however not by the method of an imperfect planet but the reverse.

2. You will ask why! The answer shall not be difficult for me. You would be capable of finding it yourselves had your spirit not been sluggish. The answer is the following: Upon the imperfect planets man develops everything through procreation, man forming the last most perfect link in things and beings. Upon the most perfect solar planet however, man, as their foundation, is the progression of beings because they all go forth from him. By the order of his will through the sun's rays, the lowermost and last potencies are transmitted to the other planets, where they take their inception in the atomistic animals and beings as well as with the most ethereal mildew plants (still unknown to this scientists to this day) to then propagate up to man.

3. If therefore you look at things in this light, then in one sense you are children of solar man. On the other hand of course, concerning the only true living spirit within you, you children of solar man are alternatively in effect their parents; because your immortal spirit is closer to Me than the spirit of solar man, because it is a returning one, whereas that of solar man is like one still going out.

4. You must then ask yourselves: does therefore solar man's spirit also have to transfer to and become a planet-man's spirit? Behold, this is indeed a deep secret, of which no man has had intimation yet. But I shall nevertheless guide you there.

5. Behold, you are aware of how the planets took their inception from the sun in line with the judged order, hence how the latter itself took its own from the central foundation, the primordial suns. You also know from many previous revelations however what the substance of planetary matter itself is, namely nothing other than the visible expression of captive primordial forces or spirits. Where have these come from?

6. If however the entire planet as it lives has gone forth from the sun, then its content is surely to have no other origin since it and the planet, atom for atom, are one and the same. That leaves you only to recollect how a planet has taken its inception in the solar body and still does so from time to time; and it shall be fully clear to you as to what fate awaits certain solar men's spirits.

7. To enable you to see it still more plainly, the physical structure of the sun has to be exposed to you.

8. The sun as a planetary body is so structured as to actually comprise seven concentric suns of which each contains a successive smaller one as one hollow sphere within another; only the innermost one - the heart of the solar planet is, although organic, completely solid from its surface to its mid-point.

9. All these seven concentric suns are populated. For this reason also there is a space to each consecutive sun ranging from one, two and three thousand (German) miles, making each deeper sun inhabitable.

10. The imperfect planets indeed also have a similar structure, but of course much more imperfect by number as well as composition.

11. Since the perfect solar planet through its extraordinary roominess is capable of holding exceptionally large numbers of human beings, it will not surprise you if I say unto you that the population of the sun in aggregate forms a thousand-fold volume to that of all the planets, moons and comets orbiting the sun taken together, even if the individual solar man's volume were no bigger than that of terrestrial man.

12. This will shortly take us where we want to be; but first we have to actually know what the material substance of the solar body is composed of and hence its humans in aggregate

13. The solar body's material in its external aspect is a somewhat firmly held soul substance within which countless spirits are held in a rather loose captivity. But there has also upon the solar body been created, out of My love and grace, a second firmer substantial body well suited for the taking up of the spirits, kept fixed within solar matter. When this body, or rather true solar man is generated through the willpower of a predecessor, then a spirit is at once taken up by this begotten man for a further liberty test. Once the conception has taken place, which always takes place immediately after procreation, then solar man is also there forthwith fully alive. Whereupon he is at once acquainted with My will-system and his own will-perfection pointed out to him on account of which he is in possession of a truly creative capacity requiring no more than to will something firmly, whereupon the solar soil at once yields it to him.

14. With this perfection of will however, solar man is also acquainted with My will, together with the sanctioned commandment not to in any way use his creative perfection contrary to My will. That with such free dispensation of creative capacity, many misuses against My will take place, you can accept with certainty, because the freer and less bound the will, the easier and more likely it is to overstep the lawful mandate of My will.

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